Audio Visual Installation

The soul of any great business is communication. Whether you’re looking to fit out a boardroom, restaurant, or educational establishment, having the right audio visual installation is essential to success. Thinking Spaces, are one of the most trusted AV companies UK based and installing AV systems right across the South East of England. We will supply and install all the equipment you need to create reliable, secure, user-friendly audio visual installations.

Audio Visual Installation

Audio Visual Systems: Diverse Applications

An audio visual installation can be used for a wide range of purposes, including:

Video Conferencing Solutions

Our audio visual installers can help you to design the perfect video conferencing solution for your business, enabling you to instantly communicate your ideas to your business partners, clients, or students, no matter whether they are next door or across the country. With commercial sound systems, you’ll never miss a word.

Digital Signage

Advertising has never been easier: AV installations allow your business to remotely control moving digital images, creating dynamic shop window advertising which draws in the consumer and keeps his or her interest. Update your media in real time in order to better market to your desired customer. You can use multi-channel solutions to upsell existing clients in the waiting room while drawing in new clients through the front door.

Picture-Perfect Projection

Let our AV installers take your presentations to the next level; whether you’re connecting a projector to your laptop or preparing to broadcast the big game to your customers, our AV technology will create an immersive, unforgettable experience. Thinking Spaces can supply everything from large television installations to full cinema rooms.

Interactive Ideas

An AV installer can make your workplace truly interactive through the use of responsive white boards and smart displays, allowing you and your staff or students to transform ideas with remarkable fluidity and creativity. Find out more about the meeting room technology available here.

A Smarter Future

Through working with AV companies, UK businesses can take static environments and turn them into something enriching and ultimately transformative. No matter the nature of your business, an audio visual installation will bring it to life.

Contact Thinking Spaces to discuss your ideas and find out how one of our AV installers can help transform your business.