Environmental Control Systems

Environmental control systems from Thinking Spaces can perform a range of tasks to automate your business environment:

Environmental Control SystemsThese include:

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  • Automatic lighting
  • Automatic doors
  • Automatic windows
  • Intercom / Door Entry
  • CCTV

Building automation systems cut back on your energy consumption without having a negative impact on your or your employees’ comfort. They also reduce costs and improve productivity and can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems and IT infrastructure.

Our building management systems are available for all sizes of businesses and building types, and thanks to our in-depth knowledge of building automation, our tech team can integrate a wide range of cost-saving features in your BAS systems. Heating, air conditioning, lights, blinds, ventilation, and safety features can all be centralised, saving energy, and allowing for the intelligent energy management of your premises.

By incorporating an environmentally-friendly building automation system into your business, not only do you reduce your environmental impact, you will also make significant savings on your energy bills. Empty space is unlit and unheated and this smart building solution will have a huge cost-saving impact.

Environmental control systems available from Thinking Spaces are woven into your existing framework and our experts can continue to improve your energy performance ratings. We keep up to date with technological advances and will ensure your business stays at the leading edge of environmental cost efficiency.

Building Automation SystemsYour individual objectives and targets will be closely monitored by our environmental control systems team, using a cost-effective and proactive approach to also improve health and safety practices for employees. Implementing an environmental control system from Thinking Spaces will cover the following areas:

  • Reviewing environmental goals
  • Analysing environmental impact
  • Setting realistic and legally complying objectives and targets
  • Establishing programmes to meet your targets
  • Environmental awareness for employees
  • Reviewing of your system and progress reports

Benefits of an environment controller for your organisation include enhanced compliance, pollution prevention, resource conservation, and enhanced public image.

Contact our environmental control system experts today to learn about these, and more benefits for your organisation, and to receive a no-obligation assessment of your environmental control needs.

Running a business in the modern world requires reducing your environmental impact in order to improve your productivity, management systems from Thinking Spaces allowing your business to do just that.