Digital Workplace

Digital workplace technology allows you to give your employees more agility, increasing harmony in the workplace and increased productivity overall within your organisation. There are many different online workplace technologies that are emerging in the corporate world. They combine the best of the physical workspace, with the wireless, cloud based digital workspace.

Digital WorkplaceThere is no longer a line that can be drawn between a physical office and the place where work actually takes place. Today’s working environment is always connected, and the distinction between the professional and personal lives of employees is also rapidly dissolving. Employees now communicate in ways which were unheard of just a decade ago, and this new digital workspace allows for increased collaboration and productivity.

Company filing systems have been replaced by OneDrive and Google Drive, Desktop PCs are being replaced by tablets for those constantly on the move. Emails are now checked in the queue in the coffee shop as much as they are sat down in front of a computer and smart phones are now the main way that people connect with the World Wide Web.

The sharing of knowledge across an organisation has never been as simple as it today, and business relationships now expand far beyond the natural workgroup of the past. To accommodate the needs of the modern business, new strategies are being implemented that are known as the digital workplace. All kinds of technology can be integrated into a company’s digital strategies, from video conferencing, Skype calls and other virtual meeting tools as well as instant messaging, social media, e-mail, cloud-based and HR applications. These technologies are breaking down barriers, fostering a new innovation and growth within the workplace, and are a part of a powerful new evolutionary process.

Workspace technology has been developing apace over the last few decades, and with such things as e-mail having been a common form of communication for many years, it is not necessary to entirely build your new digital work area from scratch. For example, if your employees are already responding to e-mail from smartphone devices, you are already running a more efficient digitally designed workplace.

Digital communication in the workplace has many benefits, some that you may not immediately realise. Over half of employees would be willing to work from home for a lower salary. This is understandable as their transport costs would be cut, and they would have the flexibility to work when it suited them best. This type of digital working space is of course also beneficial to you as the employer, as not only can you reduce your wage bill, but also the amount of physical office space that you need to rent.

Engagement between employees over social media platforms has also been proven to increase employee satisfaction, and companies with a solid social media strategy are more productive than those without. The younger generation of employees prefer instant messaging techniques as opposed to e-mailing, and the younger generation are the future of your organisation.

The forging of productive business relationships that lie beyond that of the natural work group are set to accelerate further, the enhanced sharing of knowledge being the driving force behind your business. With digital solutions available for your company at affordable costs, integrating a comprehensive digital plan into your office or company is not just feasible but the essential requirement for business success in the 21st century.

Digital workplaces never have to shut, and there are no longer formal opening and closing times for your business. Although digital workplace solutions are not designed to push your employees to work more hours for less pay, they will allow your business to run smoothly every day of the year. Having to wait to ask or answer a question from Friday afternoon to Monday morning is fast becoming unheard of, and with the younger generation loving virtual interactions on all levels, the sharing of knowledge outside of regular office hours is fast becoming an expectation.

Your business needs to move with the times in order to remain successful and become more productive. What this means is that you need to step back and digitally appraise your workplace. Are you facilitation lighting fast communication among your employees? Are you making employee collaboration easy? Are you renting too much space unnecessarily? Are you forcing employees to fight through traffic to get to work on time when they could be working from home? Is your meeting room technology all but redundant and could be replaced by a huddle room?

The solutions for tomorrow’s business world are here today so allow Thinking Spaces guide your business into the digital realm where productivity is higher, staff communication is faster and bills are lower.