Lighting Control Systems

Lighting Control SystemsThinking spaces offer a wide range of lighting control systems for your commercial space or business premises.

Lighting Control can be used reduce energy bills by automatically turning lights on and off as people enter or leave a room. It can also be used to turn on multiple sets of lights at the flick of a single switch.

With the option to operate your whole lighting system from one remote control, or even from your mobile phone or smart device from a remote location, having to worry about leaving your lights on simply becomes a thing of the past.

There is nothing more annoying than conducting a meeting, only to have to interrupt proceedings to go and dim the lights or turn them back on after watching an AV presentation.  Our remote control lighting solutions bring a level of professionalism to your business meetings that mean that you will never have to interrupt proceedings every again.

Lighting controls have been around for some decades now, primitive devices being used in the latter part of the 20th century to fool burglars that someone was inside your premise by turning your lights on with a timer switch. Times have changed, and technology has progressed, and wireless lighting control systems available from Thinking Spaces can truly transform your premises into one that is both safe as well as ultra-modern.

Wireless Lighting ControlOur lighting systems are available for all kinds of business installations, and can really make a difference to the level of professionalism of your seminars and meetings. Coupled with our conference room av options such as sound bars and speakers, an all on one system with no wires could be the perfect option for your business.

Our lighting control systems use the very latest technology, and we guarantee a control system that is flawless in every way. Our technicians are continually researching the latest methods in remote controlled lighting, allowing you, the customer, to take advantage of the most up to date wireless installations for your premise.

When you choose wireless lighting from Thinking Spaces, everything you need is at the touch of a button, and messy cables will simply become a thing of the past. With under-desk lighting, ceiling lighting, and much more, all controllable from one handset or mobile device, you will have ultimate control over all aspects of your business.