Small Business Network

Modern businesses rely heavily on computer networks, and companies that fail to upgrade to the latest technology are risking lower productivity and reduced profits.

Small Business NetworkThinking Spaces have the technology to ensure your small business can work lightning fast. We offer affordable networking solutions for your office or business premises that will bring your computers and technology right up to speed. Perfect solutions for all SME businesses including:

  • Small Businesses
  • Multi-site businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Shops
  • Garages
  • Restaurants
  • Guesthouses
  • Boutique Hotels

As well as a small business network setup, we can provide wifi extenders, a host of wireless solutions and meeting room technology.

As a small business owner, having a computer network is just as important as it is to giant corporations. A small business network enables you to get the best use out of your peripherals and computers, and will allow you to share a broadband Internet connection between multiple users.

As well as sharing Internet, a small office network setup will allow you to easily share cloud-based files and software, saving you time as well as financial resources. Small business networking will give all terminals access to printers and scanners, and when you choose a small business wireless network you can eliminate messy cables.

Your office network setup will also allow visitors to your premises to connect their laptop with no hassle, our small business network design being available both as wireless and Ethernet, or a combination of the two.

Our tech experts are dedicated to finding the most up to date solutions for your small business, the foundation of your network comprising of switches and routers. Switches will tie together all your electronic devices, and routers will tie together the different networks within your offices. The amount of routers you will need depends on the amount of devices you will be running simultaneously. But don’t worry about trying to calculate this for yourself. Thinking Spaces can take care of all this for you and much more.

Small Office Wireless Network

Our routers and switches are of the highest grade, allowing you to establish a solid business network for your office that won’t let you down. Our small offices networking design has been tried and tested on performance, and we endeavour to use the best small business network setup for your bespoke and individual needs. Our experts in small office network design know how to arrange your workspace for the best wireless Internet speeds, and our small office network design team are ready and waiting to help your office realise its’ full potential.

Contact our tech experts today about small office wireless network solutions for your business, and to discuss what other upgrades your office could benefit from such as meeting room technology, lighting control systems, and more.