Video Conferencing Solutions

Is it time for a conference room refresh? Let our video conferencing solutions take your meetings to the cutting edge of technology.

With the right video conferencing equipment, meetings will feel like a pleasure rather than a chore thanks to the clarity and efficiency of our HD-quality conference room technology (not to mention the richness of our state-of-the-art conference room sound system). You can also hold events, webinars, or even train staff remotely – with conference room AV equipment, the world is at your fingertips.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Boardroom AV Systems

Supercharge collaboration and accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible with our boardroom AV solutions.

Thinking Spaces are specialists in meeting room technology and our video conferencing systems come with the best conference room audio available. In your state-of-the-art boardroom or meeting room you will be able to manipulate data and brainstorm ideas effortlessly, share information, concepts, and plans. With our easy-to-use HD camera systems, you will be able to connect your conference room to any user, anytime, anywhere.

Never Miss a Moment

Our video conferencing solutions enable you to easily share notes through the use of interactive screens and digital ink, then save your work in whichever format suits your needs and distribute it instantly via email. You can even record entire presentations for future reference. With our boardroom AV systems, no one at your workplace – wherever they are in the world – will ever be out of the loop again.

Rethink Video Conference Equipment

No virtual rooms, no passwords, no more messy wires or cumbersome cables; today’s video conference equipment goes way beyond traditional conference room design and creates truly modern communications hubs fitted out with a mix of the latest smart technology, high-definition video devices, and crystal-clear conference room audio systems. With our video conferencing system in place, your organisation will be able to solve problems and reach decisions faster than ever before, keeping up with the demands of today’s market.

No matter the nature of your business, with our conference room AV systems, you can rest assured that the future is collaborative. Call Thinking Spaces today to discuss your video conferencing equipment and installation.