Wifi Appliances

Just a few short years ago, the only wireless device that most people had was a laptop. Then along can the smart phone and then the tablet, but the WiFi revolution didn’t end there.

Now it is possible for someone to have their driveway gates and their garage doors to open and close behind them without them lifting a finger. Then their front door opens and closes behind them without them even having to touch the handle and the lights come on automatically. All they have to do is to have their smart phone switched on and their Bluetooth enabled.

wifi AppliancesEven the wireless sensor in the curtains knows when to pull the shades and the wireless home surveillance CCTV recognises unusual movements outside. The modern smart home is becoming more and more intelligent by the day and is making our lives easier and safer at every turn.

Wifi appliances are also saving people huge amounts on their heating and electricity bills by smartly managing the way a home is warmed and lit, by managing it on a room by room basis. Your smart home begins to warm as it detects you 20 minutes away by gps phone tracking signal or by your smart car. The bedrooms won’t begin to be heated until it gets close to your bedtime, as your smart home will have learnt what time you go to bed. The lights will go on and off as you enter and exit a room or hallway and thus your utility bills can be cut by up to 50%.

Once it was just your washing machine that knew to wait until the electricity got cheaper before it started. Now many wifi appliances like dishwashers, robot vacuum cleaners and hot water heaters will do the same. But wireless appliances are a lot smarter than that…

Your wifi fridge can change your supermarket delivery order to include extra eggs or milk, and can list the things you are short of, or suggest recipes to use up what is left in the fridge. That is one clever wifi fridge and it is clear to see why it is becoming one of the most loved wifi home appliances! It can also make extra ice if it sees you are holding a party at your house!

If you have left your iron or hair straighteners on you can send a message to the wifi plug it is plugged into and turn it off using just your smart phone – even when you are halfway to the airport! These wifi controlled sockets can also be useful to turn children’s devices off in their bedroom when it is past their bed time. A great encourager to help get homework and chores done too!

The household coffee maker can learn what time you get up and how strong you like your coffee. Your breadmaker can switch on at just the right time to give you perfectly warm bread for breakfast. What is even cleverer is that, as part of the Internet of Things revolution, these devices can talk to one another and share information. When the wireless washing up liquid dispenser is nearly empty, it can talk to the fridge who can add it to the shopping list for your next home delivery.

Once plugs become wifi plugs that can power objects without needing a cable, you will see all other objects become smart wireless appliances too. Eventually there will be one central home automation device that will control all other smart devices to make your life run as smoothly as possible. You will live in a world where almost everything is done for you.

It isn’t just in the home that these devices are taking over in. Now road bridges tell cars that there may be ice on the surface, or tell engineers there are some cracks and it needs maintenance. Traffic jams are spotted before you get there and alternative routes are plotted by your Sat Nav and even traffic lights are (finally) getting smarter too.

Why not speak to Thinking Spaces to find out how we can help your home life to become that little bit more luxurious and inexpensive to run, with the help of some smart home systems in place. Don’t wait for wifi plugs to power your home, there are great savings to be had and luxury lifestyle enhancers available today.