Home Audio Systems

The real beauty of a home audio system is that it perfectly completes the home AV experience.

A whole house audio solution means exactly that, the music goes where you go!

Film is considered to be 50% visual and 50% audio, so investing in AV for home delivers the best of the best surround sound systems to complete the cinematic experience.

Most home audio systems were set up as part of a home cinema installation but nowadays people want their favourite music to follow them from the bedroom to the bathroom and down into the kitchen. The modern whole home audio system can be controlled by a remote control, your smart phones or even voice control.

Home Audio Systems

For radio fans, you can use your smart multi room audio system to not only follow you round the house, you can also dip into thousands of internet radio stations, providing sonic treats for those with even the most eclectic tastes.

You can also connect with online music sites like SoundCloud and play it through your multi room music system. Online music video sites like MTV and Vevo can be streamed through your Smart TV; enabling you to enjoy the musical melodies and the sights and sounds wherever you are in your home.

MultiRoom Audio

Whether you are looking at multi room audio systems to work in conjunction with a Multi Room TV system or are looking to simply pipe radio to you whichever room of the house we can help. Thinking Spaces will come up with the perfect solution for you and take the hassle out of a complex installation.

Don’t worry about positioning speakers and messy trailing wires. We’ll leave no mess, and even no wires to if you choose our wireless sound option. Call for more details NOW and speak to one of our friendly tech guys today.