Home Network

Setting up a home network can very problematic. Often there are dead zones within your home and you need wifi boosters or wifi extenders to ensure 100% coverage of your household. This is often a problem in homes with thick walls or tiling, or where the modem is kept at the other end of the house.

For those with larger properties or converted outbuildings, wifi range extenders can be installed to ensure the signal reaches all parts of your home. Thinking Spaces will deliver a bespoke home network setup that is fully tested to ensure you have the most powerful and wide reaching home wifi network.

Super Fast Smart Technology

Home NetworkWith increasing numbers of people installing home cinema, and a range of other smart technology it is more important than ever to have a strong WiFi signal. You may have fibre optic cable piped into the house, but if the wireless home network is not up to standard, it can affect the performance of many of your smart devices.

If you have invested in wireless home security or lighting control systems, then a poor home networks signal can reduce their effectiveness. Plus, if you have invested in wireless speakers and they are continually buffering, then it defeats the purpose of installing wireless speakers.

Thinking Spaces will install and fully test your home wireless network to ensure there are no dead zones. If required, we will fit wifi repeaters and wifi boosters to your home network setup to ensure 100% coverage.

If we are also fitting home cinemas, wireless speakers, home surveillance or home automation equipment, you will get the added benefit of having lightning-fast reactions from your smart devices as well as having a superfast wifi home network.

Talk to Thinking Spaces today to discuss how to improve your existing wifi, or about setting up a home network that will grow with you as more and more of your home devices become smart in the futuristic world of the Internet of Things.

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