Home Automation

Automation of the home is the future, and the future arrived early.

Imagine driving up to your home, your gates opening automatically and then closing and locking behind you. Then the garage door opens and you drive in, the light turning on as the garage door gently rises. You step out the car as the garage door closes and the side door opens automatically so you can walk in carrying your shopping without having to fumble for a key. The lights came on in the kitchen, the blinds closed when it got dark, and the house was warm when you arrived. The gas fire lights in the lounge and your favourite radio station begins to play…

Home AutomationThese are just a few examples of home automation technology available for your property. It ensures maximum ease of lifestyle and security and can even help reduce energy costs too.

Imagine never having to worry about if you locked the door or turned the hair straighteners off? Never having to turn round and go home to check if you turned the oven off? All this, and much more is possible when you choose home automation installation for your home. Automation technology will make your life easier and simpler, and will leave you with both hands to do what you need to do as you walk around the home.

Home automation devices will leave you literally hands free, doors opening and closing as you walk around your home, and lights turning on and off as and when you need them. Think about a public rest room where the light turns on when you open the door with no light switch involved. Automation for your own home can provide you with this too, and means that you can say goodbye to having to put things down to turn lights on or off, or having to make a trip back downstairs to turn off the kitchen light when you retire to bed.

Wi-Fi Home automation for your home connects devices around the home via sensors that then send data to your router and Wi-Fi enabled smart phone device. This means that, as well as things happening automatically as you walk around your home, you can also control them and override them with one push of a button. Home automation heating may be set to have warmed the house before you arrive home, but you can also control your heating from your smart phone if you decide to head home early.

The possibilities with house automation kits are really endless, and home automation installers in the UK have the technology to transform your house into one that is smart, safe and secure. With all your doors and windows locking when you leave the home, your house will transform into a secure home. Advanced systems that are Wi-Fi enabled and combined with smart home applications for your mobile will even send you alerts regarding activity around your home such as someone trying to open the door is detected.

Imagine your blinds opening automatically when the sun rises and closing when the sun sets. Imagine listening to the radio in the kitchen via a Bluetooth speaker, and the music following you into the lounge and switching off in the kitchen when you go to sit down. Wireless home automation systems mean no messy speaker wires, and no plugging in and unplugging of your phone or other music device.

A home automation controller system for your home is not as expensive as you may first presume, and with home automation Wi-Fi being the preferred method used by the best home automation UK companies, installations are quick and simply and will leave virtually no mess behind. A smart home is one that allows you to live comfortably, safely, and one where everything you need happens automatically for you.