Home Control Systems

Home control systems hold the key to turning your house into a smart home, allowing for all devices in your life to be connected together through the Internet. The Internet of Things goes far beyond simply allowing your computer and smartphone to communicate together. It can connect together your window garage door, lights, speakers, hot water system, blinds, kitchen appliances and other smart home appliances. You name it, smart home control can connect together all your devices to make life much easier.

Home Control SystemsRemote home control in your smart home means you can turn the hot water on before you leave the office, have the electric gates up in the pouring rain and the garage door opens for you at the press of a button on your smart phone. The future is here already and many aspects of your home can be automated to make modern living that much easier. The Internet of Things is rapidly transforming our whole way of thinking and making life safer, heating bills lower, and thus kinder to the environment.

To simplify smart home controls into terms that are easy to understand, imagine being able to control all items around the home with the push of a button. Perhaps you are going to be late home and worried that your dog is hungry? One push of a button from your smart watch, smartphone, or tablet, and your automatic dog feeder will deliver the exact portion of food your animal needs for his dinner. Out shopping and can’t remember how many cartons of milk you have in the fridge? Then simply consult your smart device that is connected to your fridge and it will tell you.

The best smart home installation solutions for your home can range from anything as simplistic as timing your lights to turn on when it gets dark, to a sophisticated surveillance system that will protect you and your family home even if you are on the other side of the globe. Being able to monitor your home on your tablet or smartphone device from a far off destination seems incredible, but it’s true, and more and more homes are opting for smart controls.

Smart home control companies like Thinking Spaces have all the technology you need to transform your home into a smart home and with a variety of wireless and wired solutions. Our installations can work with existing technology like your home network and CCTV, or can be a completely new installation with state-of-the-art technology.

Innovative smart control devices have been around for some time.  One of the early devices that you would commonly find in people’s homes was an energy saving washing machine. These smart washing machines were not connected to the Internet, they would simply delay their cycle to when your electric supply was set to energy saving mode.

Smart heating is one of the most popular advances for modern day homes. This type of heating system will not just program your heating according to your thermostat and timer. It will predict the necessity for heating or air conditioning on weather forecasts it draws from the Internet. Your heating system will be networked for data transfer, hooked up to sensors and thermometers that will allow you to save money on your heating bills. Sometimes by as much as 15%.

Smart home kits and wireless smart home systems can be connected via a smartphone device or via Bluetooth. Bluetooth devices include USB speaker systems that you activate from anywhere within your home. Home cinema options are another important advance in Wi-Fi home technology, a truly cinematic experience being available in your home at the touch of a button.

For the best smart home technology systems, a software application is purchased for your mobile or smartphone device. These software options are available from many different suppliers, but are not always compatible with each other. What this means, is that for the best smart house options for your home, you should contact your home control systems UK experts for advice. The possibilities for transforming your home really are endless, and with a small investment in devices such as smart heating systems, you can save money on your energy bills too.

Smart homes are the future, new build homes around the country are already being designed as smart homes, and incorporating all the modern technology necessary to ensure life is easier, more comfortable, and safer for all concerned with the most up to date smart home control systems.

Contact Thinking Spaces today to find out about some of the many amazing possibilities that are available to you and your home.