Home Surveillance

Home security systems for your smart home can increase the safety of your property, protect your family, and keep them safe whether you are home or not. Home security and surveillance systems should be part and parcel with other smart devices that you integrate into your home. All you need to secure your home is available from Thinking Spaces – your automation security experts who can also supply and fit your home with smart home control and home automation devices.

Home SurveillanceHigh tech security systems for your home can come in many different forms, and you can choose from home surveillance kits, security systems, and alert systems for your smart home. As well as fitting IP cameras, covert cameras, and surveillance systems with DVR, your house security installation should include automatically locking doors, windows, and more.

Automatic security devices are accessible from your smart phone, just like smart heating and lighting systems, and this means that you can literally know what is going on in your home when you are on the other side of the globe. Perhaps you would like to check in on your pets to see if they are OK if you are away for the day, or check to see if the postman has been. All this and more is possible with home automation technology.

Integrated security systems for your home with Wi-Fi connection are not as expensive as you may first think, and they are quicker and easier to install than old fashioned CCTV systems that are quickly becoming antiquated. Unlike old CCTV systems, you do not have to be sat in a physical location to watch what is going on in your home. A simple app on your phone or tablet will allow you to check in on all areas of your home.

When you choose a Wi-Fi home security installation for your home, there will be no need to run messy cables around the home, your Wi-Fi cameras simply connect to your home router. For advanced systems, you can set your smartphone to alert you when abnormal movement within your home are detected.

Home monitoring systems can include both wireless IP cameras and more traditional covert cameras that will record movements that can then be played back to you. But, as well as ensuring you have cameras in every location that you wish to monitor, there are many other safety measures that you can integrate into your home security system.

Remotes and key fobs are another element of house security, as are door knobs and levers that can be controlled from a remote access point. A garage door that automatically shuts and locks behind you, doors that automatically lock when you leave the house, and gate intercoms are all other elements that you should consider for your smart home.

Home automation security is becoming the norm, and your security system will complement all elements of your smart home. A smart home is one where you feel safe and comfortable, where you can save money on your energy bills and where everything can be controlled by the touch of a button.

Our UK property security experts can supply you with everything you require to ensure optimal safety for your smart home. With all Wi-Fi enabled devices in your home being hooked up to one app on your smart phone, you do not need to be a tech expert to control the security of your home. Home surveillance systems should be an integral part of modern living, not just to stop intruders from trying to break into your home, but to give you the peace of mind that everything at home is running smoothly and as normal while you are at work, asleep, or even on holiday on the other side of the world.