Smart Technology

The Internet of Things and Smart technology are fast becoming a reality wherever you turn. There is no place more obvious than in the home, and smart tech is enjoying a massive annual growth rate of 17%. People love smart homes technology, and want smart control in their own houses, giving them the chance to save money, lower their energy bills, and lead an easier and more fulfilling life. From smart fridge freezers to smart pills, there is new smart tech popping up every single day. So, what is smart technology, and how can you benefit from introducing it in your home?

Smart TechnologyOne of the most common smart home control features you will find in properties is smart thermostats. This is one area of smart control that is quick and cheap and enables you to upgrade your home. A thermostat with smart technology will no longer just turn the heating on when the temperature drops below a certain level; it adjusts the temperature according to the preferences of the home owner as well as the weather forecast. Your Internet-controlled thermostat will send optimal settings to your heating system depending on the forecast, and will also create monthly reports for you. Using such technology can save you up to 15% on your heating and cooling bills, and when combined with smart lighting, you can lower those bills even further.

Smart appliances for your lighting allow you to control your lighting from your mobile device. Popular smart control for lighting include LED lighting for cinematic experiences, and the dimming and brightening of lights and the changing of colour of lighting without ever having to change the bulb.

Smart Home Appliances

When shopping for online home appliances, you will notice a continual increase in the number of smart kitchen appliances available. Smart fridges are perhaps one of the best examples for your home, and these appliances use Internet technology to scan bar codes on the items in your fridge, sending reminders to your phone to tell you to replenish stocks. Smart fridge technology is immensely popular, and homes are incorporating such appliances as one of many Wi-Fi home appliances such as smart washing machines. A smart washing machine will start its cycle when your electric supply is cheapest, these energy saving devices once again saving you money on your fuel bills. You can start your wash while you are out shopping or visiting friends. With one touch of the button on your smart phone, you can control your washer wherever you have a data connection.

Smart technology companies are constantly coming up with new ways to make life easier, and as well as incorporating smart controls such as smart bins and fridges into your home, you can also monitor your own health from the comfort of your house. Hospital-level diagnostics such as portable x-ray machines are now available, alongside pills that can monitor your health through a device of wearable tech.

Smart Pills

Smart medication is swallowed, and once the tablets you take dissolve, a sensor is activated that is transmitted to a wearable tech patch on the outside of the body. This patch receives and sends signals to your smartphone app, allowing you to ensure you adhere to your medication, as well as making the job of medical professionals far easier.

Whether you are on the lookout for smart house technology, or a smart home technology system for your property, smart technologies UK companies are leading the way. From Wi-Fi kitchen appliances to successfully controlling your health, smart technology is leading the way.