Multi Room TV

With multi room TV systems from all the big providers (including Sky, Virgin and BT) it is now easy watch the TV you want, when you want it.

While the children watch cartoons in one room, the teenagers can be watching music TV in their bedroom and you can be watching the news in the lounge.

Nobody wants to be tied to watching the same TV station and the benefits of TV multi room are easy to see.

No more arguments over X Factor versus BBC 4, or CBeebies versus Sky News. Everyone gets to watch the program they want, when they want.

As well as hundreds of television channels to watch you can also access thousands of hours of TV on demand with smart TV technology or computer integration.

Multi Room TV

Wireless Multi Room

Hate messy wires? Thinking Spaces offer a range of wireless solutions to help de-clutter your TV multiroom system. We will make the installation as unobtrusive as possible and deliver a solution that keeps additional wiring to a minimum.

With the rise of Smart TVs a multiroom TV wireless solution can link to your home wireless network with your televisions and provide access to everything from You Tube to the CBeebies iPlayer.

TV on the Move

You can also download a host of TV shows to mobile and take them with you on car journeys to keep the little ones (and not so little ones!) amused.

Benefits for Businesses

Many businesses could benefit from access to multiroom TV. Whether you have more than one client waiting area or if your business uses multiple televisions, there is a solution that is right for your company.

If you run a pub then there are great benefits for having a TV multiroom system. You can be showing the live match in one bar and have a news channel in the other.

If you run a guest house or hotel, you can use multi room TV systems to enable guests to choose the channels they want.